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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Hands

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Quiet Hillside: Ruined Memories Hands-On Sneak peek

By JoeDelia, on September 24th, 2009

There has actually constantly been an issue with Silent Hill. No, it’s not the below ground cult that has lead the residents of this accursed community to their unholy deaths. It also had nothing to do with the troubled hearts that appear to continuously wander through the place wanting to find/resurrect/avenge their loved ones. To be truthful, the largest issue with Silent Hillside has always been its combat, which is an equivalent encounter to striking an airborne piñata while standing blindfolded on a relocating rollercoaster. The programmers of the upcoming Silent Hillside: Smashed Memories chose to correct this scenario in the most effective way possible: eliminating the combat completely.

Ruined Memories reimagines the story of Harry Mason, the lead character from the original PlayStation One standard. In this situation, Harry can not attack the satanic forces that he comes across, as he is a typical individual without violent tendencies. The outcome is a true horror encounter, where you have no other way of defending on your own versus the animals that hide around each and also every turn. From my play with the game, I discovered that this increase the concern to levels not gotten to in numerous various other scary titles. In online games like Citizen Evil 5 and Dead Space, you are deluged with many ways to safeguard on your own that you could never ever really fear just what remains in front of you. Why would you be, when you can fill up each of them with lead promptly and also easily? In Smashed Memories, the only point that you can do when faced with a risk is run, and you will certainly have to do lots of that as you pursue your missing out on daughter.

The game begins with an interview that asks some incredibly personal inquiries, like “do you roleplay throughout sex?” as well as “have you ever before cheated on your loved one?” The solution to these questions– as well as the decisions that you make during gameplay– in fact impact the method the online game plays out, as every little thing that you do is kept in mind as well as used to identify exactly what will occur in the next location. While many titles have actually provided branching paths previously, I cannot remember a video game that monitors every choice that you make. The on-hand developer kept in mind that also fairly minor scenarios make a difference, like the choice to check out a females bathroom before you analyze the guys’s area. Adversary positioning, storyline branching, and character involvement will certainly all be influenced by your actions, making Ruined Memories an unique experience for every person that plays it.

I likewise reached see a few various other developments introduced in this model, specifically the mobile phone. This device functions as your HUD, supplying info, supply, a phone publication, a wrap-up of discussions, objectives, a map, as well as a cam that could be made use of for seeing hidden specters in the atmosphere ala Clive Barker’s Unequaled. The phone is mainly utilized for the puzzle resolving objectives, as are the movement control functions of the Wii remote.

One instance had me confronted with an impenetrable locked door. After taking a look around a bit, I saw that the only interactive things in the location were 3 canisters on a surrounding table. Making use of the remote, I was able to choose up and tremble each can, observing that one of the canisters made a clanging sound as I moved it. I turned that particular could upside-down and shook it to find the trick that I required to advance. While not the most complex of quandaries, this smart application of movement control has me excited for later, much more extreme puzzle circumstances. I likewise obtained to see Shattered Memories’ community makeover, which changes the metallic hellworld from older titles with an arctic wasteland packed to the brim with horrific headaches. The town morphing is outstanding, happening in real time as ice spikes with the sidewalk and also swallows the structures and vehicles around you. While I am not totally sold on the button from fire to ice, Quiet Hillside’s new look is absolutely interesting.

After strolling around awhile, I came across some fast-moving animals that really did not look entirely pleasant. I began to run, however quickly realized that I had not been certain where to go. I blew through a surrounding door wishing that I was safe, however the monster blasted through the same opening as well as proceeded the stressful chase. I found a ventilation shaft and also hastily leapt through it, yet the demon got me as well as pulled me back out. I dashed through a few various other doors, knocking over shelving to block the monster’s path as well as diving over all obstacles that entered my method. The video game feels virtually Assassin’s Creed-ish throughout these sections, as a quick faucet of a context-sensitive switch enables Harry to squeeze through and safe over the objects blocking him in. I was ultimately able to obtain away, yet it had not been simple.

From exactly what I saw, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories resembles a total reinvention of the collection and an interesting direction for the survival scary genre to venture to. Every one of the adjustments looked clever, and the designers seemed to have a strong understanding on exactly what made the very first three access of the franchise so unique. The video game ships this November for the Wii, PS2 and also PSP.

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