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IonBall 2: Ionstorm Tower Assault DLC Gets there With A FWOOOMMM!

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IonBall 2: Ionstorm Tower Attack DLC Shows up With A FWOOOMMM!By Nick2930,

on September 3rd, 2014

Back in June I examined a game called IonBall 2: Ionstorm, a block splitting online game that required such emphasis as well as dexterity that it had not been also lengthy before my eyes were rotating about in the same means that an animation personality’s does after being hilariously as well as catastrophically hurt.
Feeling a bit dizzy

The similarity stands out …

That’s not to claim I didn’t enjoy it … quite the in contrast! As I stated in my evaluation of the game, I thought it was an excellent success at sprucing up among the lengthiest standing video game kinds around. Apparently, nevertheless, the mind behind Ionball 2 really did not feel that they had gone much sufficient which is why they recently presented a DLC pack to the original online game called Ionball 2: Tower Attack.
Opening look at IonBall 2's new DLC, Tower Assault

The red appearances … ominous …

The question any type of player constantly asks themselves when challenged by any type of DLC is just what, exactly, does it give the party? Is it the sort of add material that assures champagne and also winds up bringing wine in a box? Or does it not just bring the champagne, yet provides it in a limo much longer than your block? When playing Ionstorm 2 I found it dropped someplace in between those two extremes and, to be frak, I discovered that to be merely exactly what I was looking for. A few tweaks have actually been made, some points repositioned, yet they left every little thing else well enough alone. Also the dialog box that appears does not make any kind of attempt at dramatization; it just offers an easy message.
Survival mode warning

Instant fatality, you say …?

You need not stress, though … in spite of the absence of excitement, the DLC pack speaks greater than noisally sufficient all on it’s own. In the original variation of the video game your principal weapons are the ball and also your very own hand-operated mastery. This moment about, nonetheless, the online game offers both you and also your opponents some equalizers. Along with the requirement obstructs that were seen in the first game, there are also obstructs that have forcefields that activate and also off throughout the match, other blocks that are constructed from extremely thick product that your ball with merely ricochet off, and others that have various appealing means of amazing your efforts to defeat the degree.

So, that’s exactly what brand-new abilities your challengers have, however what regarding your bad self, standing (or floating) in front of all these brand-new obstacles? Well, really, quite a lot. Each time you ruin one of the unaugmented blocks, canisters will in some cases fall. Capturing one of these will provide an orb you can use for breaking these or else undestroyable blocks. Often it will damage by ended up being engulfing blocks in fire, in some cases by a corona of power, or perhaps terminate a stream of bullets that you intend with your computer mouse. The majority of outstanding of all these capacities, nevertheless, is this.
As was promised... FWOOOOM!


So, should you bother with it? Well, if the screenshots and also passionate discourse haven’t been sufficient to persuade you, allow me offer you a list to aid work out the issue.


If you responded to yes to the last inquiry, then this comes as a shock to nobody. Everyone suches as shooting fatality beam of lights. On the other hand, if you answered yes to all 3, then you will certainly desire to play Ionball 2’s Tower Attack development.

Merely maintain your trigger finger in excellent shape.

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