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Shenmue 3 Gameplay at E3? Publisher Claims “No” (For Today)

Ys Web’s Shenmue 3 hasn’t already had a bunch of information because it was initially announced at E3 2015 and also its Kickstarter successfully raised even more than $6 million in crowd-funding. While author Shibuya Productions was dropping hints over the week about the online game, hinting at a feasible at E3 2016 look, that’s somewhat up in the air.We claim rather because Shibuya Productions president Cedric Biscay responded to a follower’s question on Twitter about gameplay at E3 with, “Today my solution is no.”

Does that mean tomorrow the solution will be different? That’s why it’s called a tease, we suppose. After that once again, it’s extremely feasible that Shenmue 3 doesn’t appear. With Sony backing the project, therefore helping with a PS4 as well as COMPUTER release, you ‘d think the publisher would certainly promote as much. Regardless, we’ll only discover when E3 shows up next off week.Would you prefer to

see Shenmue 3 at E3 2016? Allow us recognize your thoughts in the comments below and also remain tuned for more details.

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