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PlayStation Now May Be Pertaining to PC- Report

It appears like Sony’s PlayStation Currently professional service, which allows individuals stream online games over the internet from the PlayStation 3’s back brochure (consider it like a video games version of Netflix) could be pertaining to COMPUTER- rumor has it that the announcement is coming later this month, and will certainly allow players play PS3 online games on their laptops or desktops.

According to French video gaming site Gamekult, the solution will be announced for PC on August 23, as well as will certainly debut in Belgium, the Netherlands, and also the UK, with a launch in the US and Canada following a week later. The number of games expected to be compatible had not been stated, but I expect we could quickly presume that a minimum of all of Sony’s own online games will be making it over safely.

The solution will apparently be compatible with Windows 7 as well as up, as well as will call for a compatible controller (presumably a DualShock 3 or DualShock 4). Mac compatibility has not yet been rumored.

Whether this is real or not continues to be to be seen, however I see no factor why it might not be- among the points of PlayStation Now is that it could be hardware agnostic and also bring more people into the PlayStation environment. Bringing PS3 online games to PC gamers through PS Now, which is currently readily available on some Android phones and also Samsung TVs, is definitely one means to tackle that.

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