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Fate: Age of Victory’s Vault of Glass is Live, Obstacle Modes Revealed

If you’re not caught up on Fate’s Age of Victory event, after that each week sees a brand-new raid showcased with all Difficulty settings active. With the old raids returning, recently saw Crota’s End. This week, it’s Vault of Glass so obtain fracturing for those brand-new equipment pieces, tools (both normal and also Proficient) as well as Ornaments.

What are the Obstacles though? There are two for the entire instance: Templar and Atheon, the final manager. The Templar Obstacle is very uncomplicated– block his teleport by standing in the white circle continuously and simply defeat the manager. Don’t overlook the Oracles though as they can clean you also with the Relic’s cleanse.

As for Atheon, it’s somewhat more difficult. When traveling to either the left or right portals, you’ll see six Oracles. Each Guardian in the raid have to kill one Oracle. That implies Guardians outside needs to open up the website and head inside to assist kill Oracles. The portal can not be shut as well as even the Relic bearer must kill an Oracle.

Simple sufficient, right? It additionally seems that the Vex Mythoclast is a decline from the final employer as well as not a pursuit like Necrochasm (though getting the Core of Crota is still arbitrary).

What are your ideas on the revamped Vault of Glass? Allow us understand in the remarks.

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